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How It Works


We get to know you

Fill out our short questionnaire so we can get to know your dietary needs. The more we know the better!


We plan your meals

We'll design custom dishes that reflect the information and feedback you give us. Then, we work with you to schedule the day and time you would like to receive your order.



Keep Kitchens cooks all your meals with fresh ingredients bought day of. Sauces, dressings and broths are made from scratch and packaged to your request.



Keep Kitchens arrives on time with complete meals, prepared fresh that day right to the front door.  


The Questionnaire


In a few easy to answer questions Keep Kitchens learns enough about your food preferences to design and create the meals you really want to be eating. we encourage you to be as specific as possible.  We'll send you an initial quote within 24 hours. You can also always get in touch with Keep Kitchens to discuss in person or over the phone!


The Vision

This is what we're all about

Keep Kitchens is a meal prep solution that designs meals around your preferences and diet. We help the busy & the hungry eat the food they need to feel their best, while KEEPing those taste buds happy.

A lot of us have to eliminate foods that don’t work for our bodies; this can create a challenge when cooking for yourself. Keep Kitchens sees this as inspiration! We want to embrace and enhance the foods you can eat. We take your exact food preferences and craft a variety of meals that have fresh flavour and satisfying texture. 

Food is personal! Stop ordering from a menu. Don’t settle or compromise. Eat the food that will KEEP you happy and energized.


Check out the Keep Kitchens' video and meet the creator and food designer, Carla Riley.

Our Services



This service is designed for the person/family who needs food made for 1-2 weeks.



True to Keep Kitchen's style we offer completely customized in home cooking classes! You choose the day and what you'd like to learn! We show up with groceries, supplies and the know how.  During the class all you have to do is observed, smell, and taste. We provide a document with all the recipes, tips and tricks discussed in the class. 



Experience Keep Kitchens' approach to catering: fun, fresh & flavourful! Keep Kitchens ensures that each guest is going to enjoy the menu regardless of their diet or food sensitivities. Contact us directly for quotes, sample menus or more information. 


Meal Plan Consultation

Are you seeing a trainer or nutritionist that has you following a meal plan?  Use this service to tap into the wealth of knowledge that Keep Kitchens has for healthy eating. We will ensure that you KEEP on track while still enjoying food.


Please note that each “dish” is large enough to get 5-6 individual portions.  Keep Kitchens is happy to portion your meals into small grab and go containers, just let us know!

Pricing includes any required consultations, meal creation, prepping and cooking the food. 


Contact Keep Kitchens

If you're interested in our services, please fill out our questionnaire! However, if you would like to chat, need more detail, or just feel like getting in touch, feel free to contact us here:

or call us at: